Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here's my first entry!

Well here it is my very first post on my own little blog. I've been creating and tweaking this blog for about two weeks now. Actually I started to create my blog (2 weeks ago), then found out last week that my father past away. It's been hard but with the Lord as my strength, we're managing to get through it.
I'm excited about this blog. It's my little corner of the world for me to share the stories in my life. This blog isn't about coffee necessarily, however as I was trying to come up with ideas for a title to the blog, the idea of sharing stories with you ended up revolving around coffee (as I'm drinking a cup at this very moment). I enjoy coffee and I especially love different types of coffee cups. So what's the point you say? I'm sharing my story as I enjoy my cup of coffee in my favorite cups.
I'm extremely new at this whole blog thing so bare with me as I'm still tweaking and creating....
Here are a few pictures of flowers that family and friends gave us because of my dads passing. They are so beautiful and I want to
share them with you. Pictures last longer. The basket is from my husband's work. Such a beautiful basket, that's another thing I just love; baskets. Thank you to everyone who showed their love and sympathy, it makes times like these a little easier. Feel free to click on the pictures for a better view!!


  1. Love you, friend! I look forward to seeing you future posts!

  2. Very nice Amy and I see you have some links on the sidebar too (:
    I took some photo's of your beautiful flowers too, but mine are all close up shots, I'll share on my photo blog someday soon.
    I was happy to watch Katie Friday she is a wonderful little girl but then all 4 of the kids are so easy to be around, so well behaved and not saying that just because I'm their grandma, they really are a joy Great parenting on your and Joe's part. Love you, Mom

  3. Amy,
    Thanks for stopping by. So sorry to hear about your dad. It is so hard to know why God allows certien things to happen. Especially in such a painful way. There is Joy in knowing that He loves us and is there for us. I will pray for you in the coming days. And I am looking forward to hearing more about you and your journey. I would also love to hear more about how you homeschool your four children and stay sane.

  4. Welcome to the blog world, Amy!

  5. Amy, Welcome to blogging. I know you will enjoy it.

    I am so sorry about your Dad. My Daddy passed away 7 years ago. I still miss him very much. I pray for your healing and comfort. I look forward to getting to know you. Blessings,