Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Sports News

Just a little Sunday Sports News. I forgot to mention that I'm a Green Bay Packers fan. Today was a unique game to say the least for the packers. They played Minnesota which stars their former quarter-back Brett Favre. Some fans cheered, some fans booed during the game. I wasn't able to watch the whole game, (went to evening church) but I knew it wasn't going to be good when I left because the packers were already behind. Packers lost 26-38. Here are some pictures of the game. Here's hoping the packers will get em' next time! Go Packers!!
Glad to share my cup of coffee with you. Until next time.....


  1. Hi, Amy.

    I don't know many packers fans. We root for the Rams and Cardinals around here. My daughter is a huge Ravens fan, though. I enjoy a good game when we can catch one. We only get one channel, though, and it hasn't played an afternoon game yet. Although, I believe the Super Bowl is on that channel. Woo Hoo!

  2. Wow, a PACKERS fan! Well, since us Iowans don't have a professional team...and we live just 10 miles from MN, my guys are BIG Vikings fans!! :) They were thrilled with how the game went lastnight. lol There are actually quite a few Packers fans around here too (only 50 miles from WI) so Packers/Vikings games are always a big deal! To be honest with you as a born and raised Hoosier, I prefer the Colts...but am not a die-hard either way!

    Anyway, it was fun to hear your take on things... Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well you know I'm not a sports fan, but I know you are, sorry your team lost but um... aren't you a Bret Favre fan too? Did you go back and forth with yourself on who to cheer for? (:

  4. Amy, They are into hunting here lol. Cute coffee cup. How many cups do you have? Do you collect them? That would be a neat post... Have a great day tomorrow. Audrey