Sunday, February 21, 2010

My husband took me to the Symphony !

Last night was such a refreshing and magnificent evening for my husband and I. I felt like a little girl all over again. It was breathtaking if you don't mind me calling it that. We went to the symphony last night in the city. It was something I had greatly anticipated for quite some time and it was well worth the wait to go. Yesterday actually, all in all was a nice day for us.....

It started out with my husband meeting his brother for coffee at Schuler's bookstore for my brother-in-laws birthday. My husband said he had an enjoyable time catching up with his brother. Something they both should make a practice of doing monthly or every other at least.

Then we dropped the kiddos off to my moms (which at the last minute changed from her watching them for a few hours, to her keeping them for the whole night). Thanks Mom!!

Later my husband and I went to Starbucks downtown for some coffee then we headed over to the symphony. It was a beautiful show~
* Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky -Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy Overture

* Sergei Rachmaninoff - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op.43

Stephen Hough-Pianists- Somewhere in Time


* Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98
This is the type of music that the children and I listen to all during the day during home school (Blue Lake Public Radio 88.9 WBLU). To hear (and watch them play) this type of music at a symphony was absolutely breathtaking for me! As a wife and a mother of four, my life is full of busyness. I long for peace. I long for being still in the moment. I enjoyed being surrounded with such beauty and talent without my happy chaos which running a home brings. I loved being there. I loved being there with my best friend. This is something that I will remember for a very long time. We both have come to the conclusion that we have a strong desire to do things like this often.

The show ended at 10:00. We walked around downtown looking at different art pictures and taking in the city at night.

Afterwards we felt like a little dessert and some coffee so we headed to Applebee's. We started off with a fabulous dessert which I highly recommend sharing with your best friend. It's the triple chocolate meltdown. Chocolatey yumminess!! The cake is served warm and man does it go well with coffee. Funny thing is, is that after we had dessert, we decided to have an appetizer. I guess when you don't have the kids around, you can order things backwards or anyway you want.
We had so much fun last evening. I find myself thinking I wish the evening had never ended, but then I quickly remind myself that we have the rest of our lives to share wonderful fun times together. ~ Thank you Joe for such an amazing evening. I will remember it for a long time!


  1. That is wonderful and so glad you had a nice evening out.
    funny this kind of music gives me a headache, LOL!
    That dessert looks yummy

  2. How wonderful! I would love to go to the Symphony some day! We watched small ones at the ampatheater in the park when I was a child. I would love to go now and catch some big ones! The music is just breathtaking and peaceful. It really allows you to just be in the moment!

  3. How fun! Love those times with the husband ;)

  4. That sounded like an absolutely, wonderful, dreamy date with your honey!! This is my first time to visit your blog -- so I don't even really "know" you yet -- but as a busy momma I do know what a blessing it is to get a night away, a whole evening with your beloved, and a special time that you will savor for a long time! So glad you blogged about it -- so as to help preserve that memory!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed stopping by to visit yours!


  5. That sounds like a wonderful evening. I couldn't imagine my hubby going to the symphony! Lucky you! When the kids are away it is quite alright to break all the rules. Use the desert menu as the dinner menu I say! Could be where those extra 50 pounds are from....

    Thanks for visiting! Welcome to the bloggy world! Love your blog. Keep up the good work!