Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Surprise

It's early Monday morning, and the phone rings.
A routine call from my husband.
This morning though, it was a little different.

"Hi Honey" I said.
He asks me How I slept?
"Fine, How about you?"
He tells me he slept well and asks me "How I'm doing?"
I tell him I'm doing fine, just a little tired from the weekend.

I continue to ask him how his Monday morning is going.
He tells me he has good news and bad news.....
At this time my heart is doing a little flip flop of sorts.....
I start to think.....
...Lost his job? (he works in the automotive Michigan)
....Reduced hours? Ya never know.....we're in Michigan...
...Got in big trouble through work? Naaa, not my husband, he's a hard outstanding well-respected supervisor.
I manage to squeeze out that I want him to tell me the bad news first, (it seems a little easier to handle if I know good news is sure to follow).....
He tells me He's ok.
Oh? I say.....
He continues to tell me he got into an accident.
My heart is feeling slightly assured, he just told me he's ok.
Early on the way to work, a deer ran out in front of him and clobbered the front of our van.
We have a big van, a big heavy van.
The deer came out from the left side and took out the front left of the van.
He didn't see it coming, nor did he have time to stop after the deer came so fast.
He hit the deer hard and the deer went flying forward.
No other drivers were involved.
The van is still drivable, which is an added bonus.
For some reason we still have full insurance coverage on it...another added bonus.
Our body shop lends out loaner cars free of charge...another bonus.
My husband did not get bonus of all.
Every morning when he leaves for work, I'm at the door saying a prayer.....
A little prayer that goes like this....
Dear Lord,
please watch over my husband,
please get him to all of his destinations and back home safely.
The Lord indeed heard my prayer.
He answered my prayer.
Although we had a little setback today, He worked it all out.
Our van got a little bruise, but my husband did not.
Thank you Lord!!
Thank you for keeping my husband safe!


  1. I'm so glad that he's ok. My son hit a deer this winter and totaled his car, same thing, couldn't stop, but he was on a back road and so no other cars were involved. I said my thank-you prayer also. Have a good night, Theresa

  2. So glad he's okay! I know the feeling, EXACTLY! I so wish they would just say what happened the minute you answer the phone! I'm glad the Lord has already worked out all the details!

  3. WOW so glad that everything is working out well for you through everything you've prayed for. I've seen what a van looks like after hitting it with a deer and yours looks manageable. Ours was completely totaled. Not sure about the deer but couldn't see it surviving after it damaged our van so bad. It had to be towed but we were fine.

    Such are the hazards of living our lives in the woods and surrounding property. So lucky that your hubby was 100% OK!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Ugh, I can just imagine how you felt. My heart would of been in my stomach. A van is replaceable, the love of your life is not. Thank goodness he was not hurt!

  5. Glad your husband was not hurt and thank God for those Big heavy Vans! :)

    We have tons of deer here too -- I've heard it is not IF you hit a deer, but WHEN you hit a deer . . . .

  6. So glad your husband was not hurt. We have deer around our place too. We see tracks regularly. This is my first visit and I enjoyed your post. Feel free to stop and read my blog when you the time.

  7. Wow! Thank God he's ok. Glad to hear the van is ok too.