Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now is the Time

Just recently while out with some friends, I picked up a book that I've been wanting to get for a very long time. It's called The Princess and the Kiss~A Story of God's Gift of Purity. This book targets the message for girls to save their first "kiss" for the man they're going to marry. More specifically, for the man God chooses for them to marry. More specifically to remain pure for their wedding day. An idea like this is so unheard of in our culture today.
Often times today in our culture it's a message that first, second and third bases are fine, but home runs are not allowed. What is the underlying message then? What are we really telling our daughters? Are we telling them it's ok for a boy to touch them and kiss them just as long as they don't have sex? Perhaps such a message might be~
"Dear daughter, I realize you are weak, I'm aware that you will come across boys whom you will find enticing, and since we've had conversations on what is acceptable and what is not, I'm sure you'll be able to make the best decisions when faced with such enticing situations." .....

How much more can we set our daughters up for failure? We know they're weak. As parents we understand their weakness because we are weak. We know all too well how easy it is to get entangled in sin. Simply "hoping" that they'll make the "best" decision when confronted with such sin is just not acceptable. At that point we've lost our daughters over to their sin. We've given them no hope of staying pure in the sight of God. We need to train and equip them in the paths of righteousness when they are small.
If we don't address the issue starting when they're really small, then who will? Sadly that answer is that the world will. The world's message is not the message of the Lord's. And the world will have it's way with them. Long before our daughters reach their teens should we train them in righteousness and in truth.
Well known Pure in Heart speaker Nancy Leigh DeMoss once said,
"We can't make our daughters pure. We can't make them love purity or choose purity. But what we can do is create an appetite for purity." *We can model purity.
*We can model love for the Lord.
*We can create a spirit in the home by our own example.
*We can make purity winsome.
*We can make Christ desirable, so that they're not allured by the things of this world and what it offers, which is fake.

That is my desire as a mom to our two young daughters. To create in them the desire to remain pure before the Lord. To adequately equip them to recognize the things of this world that they would want nothing to do with it. That they would stand apart from the world for all to see as women who are utterly dependant on the Lord.
Our oldest daughter is five and we've read The Princess and the Kiss together. It opened up many questions and opportunities to share with her about saving her first kiss for the man God chooses for her on their wedding day. Granted she's only five, but I was reassured during our reading that now is the time that I must be speaking with her on such delicate issues. Now is the time that I need to equip her for the rough road she faces ahead. Now is the time I must hold her accountable to remain pure before the Lord. Now is the time I must hold her heart and lead it towards Christ. My prayer for all my children is that they remain pure and grow steadfast for the Lord. Now is the time......

Most Images taken from " A Wise Woman Builds Her Home"


  1. This is a great post. I love the list of things you posted that we CAN do. I agree with you totally that we need to begin younger with our children in teaching them God's plan for life. If we wait until we are "comfortable" it will be far to late.

    I love Nancy Lee DeMoss. I am reading her book on Gratitude right now and have been so challenged. I also try to download her program and listen to it while I clean or do dishes.

    Hope your week is going well. Chat with you more soon!:)

  2. This is one of my concerns for my daughters as well. I have benefited greatly from my Moms In Touch prayer group. We often pray for purity for our children and also for their future spouses. I do believe that discussing these things with them at an age appropriate level from an early age will help, so our kids know what we expect, and most importatnly what God wants.

  3. I bought both of my girls a copy of this book.
    It is so wonderful and sweet~~