Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Morning!

The coffee maker is on and brewing. I turn my computer on and wonder what my blog friends have to say....
I haven't blogged much this week. Even today I'm struggling to post on my blog. But here's a little effort.
I think it's because of our weather lately. It gives me that blah feeling. Having this weather finds me not wanting to do much of anything except curl up on the couch and read a good book or watch a movie. Tuesday we had rain and hail. Yesterday it was cloudy and rainy on and off, and now today they're calling for snow! Snow! Can you think of such a thing in April? Actually it isn't that uncommon in Michigan.
Most children are on spring break this week. Mine aren't. We took the whole last week off. And now I'm very glad we did. Last week was spring-like 70's and sunny. This week is quite different with the snow in the forecast. The weekend is suppose to shape up and be in the 60 & 70's again which is really welcomed! We're going on vacation this weekend until the middle of next week. Anywhere warm sounds real good, but unfortunately we can't go too far with our van still in the shop. Nonetheless we're excited!
I hope the sun is shinning warm your way!
Happy Thursday!


  1. How wonderful that you took the right week off for spring break! We lucked out too. Our spring break was beautiful and full of outdoor play...this week they are all sick, and you can work through a little schoolwork sick, but you sure can't play outside sick. Isn't homeschooling wonderful?!

    I'm sorry your van is still out of commision, but I hope you find something wonderful to do!

  2. I totally sympathize about not being able to post worth anything.
    Love the pictures, though! And what an adorable teacup/coffee cup! Love it. :) I see it, we're allowed to be bored/boring sometimes. But this was a sweet post. We've been having crazy weird weather, too. :P

  3. P.P.S. And thanks for becoming a Follower of mine! Glad you like it! :)

  4. P.S. I'm a Follower already...I'm the picture with the green cup full of chai (for once) in her face;)
    Thanks for the comment dear!

  5. Yes I do love learning with my family :)Thanks for the comment! And I so hear you, I feel super blah today.

  6. Don't you love that about home school? Take a week off when the weather is good instead of being stuck on spring break while it rains all week. Oh, the joy ☺

    Have a great vacation!