Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Anniversary

17 years ago our journey began as our paths crossed
at high school...
(little did we know)
14 years ago our hearts united...
although we have our ups and downs...

with God's word as our firm foundation....

we continue to have fun....

despite our messy situations...

with four kids later...

you remain my best friend...

you always will!
Happy 14th Anniversary to my forever Best Friend!


  1. Congratulation on your anniversary to both of you. Catherine

  2. What a beautiful tribute to the man of your dreams for these beautiful and blessed 14 years! Congratulations to you both and many, many more happy years.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Our path seems very similar!

  4. YAY! Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless your marriage and your home! (goodness, sounds like a hallmark card doesn't it?!) Sorry...but I mean every word!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I got all teary eyed!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I am so proud of both of you, in so many ways. Its been a privilege to see both of you grow up together, have beautiful kids, and a Godly home. Congrats!

  7. Very nicely put! Happy Anniversary and congratulations to you both on your 14 wonderful years.

    Love you both,

  8. What a beautiful post and all the pictures were so great!

  9. Amy,

    Congratulations! What a beautiful bride you made and a gorgeous happily together 17 years later wife. I recognized that picture from UP. My hubby loved that movie, so did I. He got it for me since we liked in the theater so much and keeps wanting to watch it... only I keep telling him no because it made me think of us too much and made me cry when his wife died. But then again, isn't that what marriage should be? And how nice that a movie actually captured God's idea of marriage for a change!



  10. Aww, love all the pictures:) You guys are so sweet---happy anniversary! Love the cake-smashing-faces one. ;)