Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TV Show Moms

With keeping in with the theme of our moms since we celebrated our mothers on Sunday. It makes my mind wonder to when I was growing up. Thinking about what other moms beside our own, had an impact on our lives? Sure your mind might drift towards reflecting on our Grandmothers. But I'm thinking of other moms who didn't have a "direct relationship" with us yet still influenced us one way or another.

When I was growing up we watched TV. We actually enjoyed what was on TV. Let's face it, it was alot, no a ton better then the garbage they call TV today. Shows back then had morals and values intertwined in their shows not sex and immodesty as they do today. Our mom didn't have to have the TV tuner (not the remote control yet) clinched in her hand for the fear of something awful coming up on the screen where she'd have to quickly change the channel to protect her children. No mom enjoyed these shows with us. We laughed and enjoyed the main lessons from these shows.

Still to this day I remember these shows and the moms (and dads) in them. I remember the lessons and how family members had respect and love towards their parents and one another. I remember how the moms and dads in these shows would carry themselves around their children, and the children knew their place in the family. I remember the family structure so evident in the shows. Things were different then.

As a little girl watching these shows I would find myself thinking of being a mom myself one day. My mind would wonder to what kind of mom I would be when I grew up.

Would I be a working mom whose husband stayed at home and worked? (Growing Pains)

Would I be a mom that seemed to have everything together? (Leave it to Beaver)
Would I be a mom to others than my own? (The Brady Bunch)

Would I be a mom to a family with issues of their own yet remained strong? (The Wonder Years)
Would I be a mom all by myself? (One Day at a Time)

Would I be a mom of whose husband was a doctor? (The Cosby Show)

Would I be a mom of whose husband was known for his home-improvement projects? (Home Improvement)

Would I be a frugal mom who had to do the best with what she had? (Little House on the Prairie)

Would I be a mom who would drive others crazy? (I Love Lucy)

Would I be a loyal mom? (Family Ties)
Would I be a mom who had all sorts of tricks up her sleeve? (Bewitched)

Would I be a mom that had family living across the street from me? Or family in every aspect of our lives? (Everyone Loves Raymond)

Would I be a mom to alot of children? (Eight is enough)
All of these shows I watched as a young child and in some sort of way they influenced me. I enjoy watching some of these today with my own children and talking about the shows main lesson or message. These shows are a part of my childhood. I wish TV today would get back to what's real, what's right and what's valuable. What shows do you remember growing up with? What shows did you relate to the most as a child? What shows are a part of you?


  1. I would be a part of Little House on the Prairie combined with Home Improvement. Thank goodness for shows like this that make appearances on Nick at Night or the Hallmark Channel.

    You also forget Growing Pains, another classic show from the past!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I love love love the growing pains too, I'll add that one....oops!

  3. Let's not forget The Facts of Life with Mrs. G as the mother figure. And Who's the Boss, Gimme A Break, Kate & Allie, and Webster.

    Thinking about all the old shows with quality content makes me want to find them on DVD!

  4. One thing I'd like to add is that today's shows are so disappointing. I've watched some with my kids and have banned some. Many of them don't have any parental figures and depict the kids living on their own or with an older sibling. And they are just plain silly with little or no life lessons. There are exceptions but none that are consistent.

  5. I love growing pains too & home improvement and I enjoy everybody loves raymond almost daily. It's on TV Land and TBS now. :-)

    When I was a kid my parents loved Roseanne! Now that is not a mom I would want to be lol.

  6. Good point! I loved all the shows listed and I too watched them. I remember trying to think about what kind of Mother I would be at the time too. It's funny how times change so quickly. You are right tv these days doesn't have any of the "lessons" as they did back then.
    Nice reminiscing about those times. Great topic, very nicely written!

  7. I loved Growing Pains and Wonder Years. And Who's The Boss. I still watch Little House on the Prairie. And Home Improvement. And even though mom's aren't in this one, Full House. :-P I love TV with a purpose. The stuff that's on these days... is pretty meaningless.