Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where did we leave off?

Here I am sitting at the computer late at night. I just came home from late night shopping and I'm tired. I realize that I haven't posted on my blog in a while so here's an attempt. Not knowing if I'll get to blog tomorrow {Tuesday}, so I better try now while the others are sleeping soundly.

Time to catch up.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, from Thursday...

Here we go, taking you back to Friday. Friday was busy doing things to get ready for a party here at our home {which was Saturday}. Our Daniel is turning 9 today, {Tuesday} so we had a birthday party for him on Saturday. It was a nice party and he enjoyed the day which is the point, right? When I asked him later on Saturday what his favorite part of the party was? His response was the cake, then the presents, then the basketball game we played with him Saturday evening. Too funny that he mentioned the cake to be his favorite part. Goes to show me that the store bought cake I usually get isn't always a hit. Sometimes the youngsters want moms. Of all things, what a treat he'll be able to remember from his 9th birthday party...moms homemade cake. That made my heart smile.

Now to Saturday. In the morning I went to moms to weigh in and was surprised to find out I lost 3lbs. My sister and I tied, so again I'm sharing this weeks jack pot. I'm happy with the weight loss and hoping for another great loss this Saturday as well.

Sunday was a nice day, although I wasn't feeling so great so I decided to stay home from church and take it easy. I do not like missing church, but I guess when you're feeling a little crummy, you just have to sit it out. I got some greatly anticipated reading done and just enjoyed having to stay close to home.

Monday was a busy day as usual, lately as it seems. I'm trying really hard to get the kiddos all set for finishing the school year. I've been pushing them a little extra hard these past few weeks but I have goals that I want us to accomplish to be all set for the next school year. I've kind of been "doubling up" on their assignments and noticing that they're not enjoying it a whole lot but that's ok. No-one says we have to stop or be done by the first week of June. I think part of their discontentment has somewhat to do with the weather. When it's getting nicer out, who wants to work in school? Can't say I blame them, but nonetheless we must continue on and reach our goals together.

Perhaps I'll blog more later in the day. Since today is Daniels birthday, I'm not sure if I'll be back to blog or not. I want to enjoy the day with him. That should give me more to post about later. Thanks for catching up with me. Now I'm off to get some zzzz's.


  1. Whew. You have been busy! I hope your family has a wonderful birthday celebration for Daniel's big day!!
    Wonderful day to you!
    xo, misha

  2. Hi, Amy.

    Nice to hear from you. Love the pink typewriter. Does anyone use a typewriter anymore? We have the same problem with the weather verses doing school work. No one wants to be tied to text books when the weather is good. We always make a point of finishing before the end of April so when it turns nice here we can be outdoors. We lost a month this fall because of my trip to Italy to see my sister, so we are working through May. It is killing all of us! I think it is better to cut your losses so that they still enjoy school rather than pushing on and making it a chore for all involved. We resolved to work on the rainy days and if we get done we get done and if not, then we are done at the end of May regardless. Praise God, it has been VERY rainy here☺



  3. Enjoy the day with Daniel. You can always pick back up tomorrow. These days only come around once a year!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Congradulations on losing another 3 pounds! That's wonderful! Happy birthday to your dear son too. I hope our double birthday party next weekend will also be a success! I hope you are feeling better and I want to thank you so much for all your comments on my blog, I really appreciate it!