Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog ?

Why do we blog?
Why do we spend so much time blogging to a world who really doesn't know us?
Has anyone noticed (besides myself) that I haven't blogged since last Thursday?
Will anyone notice that I've posted today?
Are we that connected to other bloggers that if we don't blog they'll miss us terribly?
Perhaps they might notice that we haven't updated our blogs in awhile but does that keep them coming back to see when we'll return?
Do we blog to show pictures of our lives, to educate one another or to inspire each other in some way?
I've taken some time off from the blogging world not because I wanted to, but because my schedule hasn't allowed me time to just sit here and type away.
I find it ironic that since I've been "away", I haven't missed it much.
I enjoy checking in on your blogs, but can't say that I miss my time flying away while typing and having that feeling that nothing is being accomplished around me.
Do I miss telling the world or perhaps no-one my life story?
Do I miss having every little thought of mine jotted down in the center of the blog world?
Do I really feel that compelled to keep up with the world in such a way?
Why do I blog?
I'm not sure why actually.
I do enjoy it.
I enjoy getting the feedback from you, really I do!
I enjoy traveling back throughout my blog and see all that has gone on in my little corner.
I'm glad to have that at least.
I'm glad I blog.
Not sure the satisfaction I get from it though?
I do know that I want to continue to blog and will.
Just wondering why I blog.... maybe you wonder why I blog too? : )


  1. Hmm. I've thought this stuff too.
    And then...I think....
    For me?
    #1 It's a writing exercise for myself, since a couple years ago I lost the inspiration/drive to write fiction like I'd been dreaming and bubbling about, so this is a way I cultivate a creative writing, besides my journal which *snort* no one sees.
    #2 We write and read to know what we're not alone.
    #3 It's like a scrapbook. For me, anyways. I don't scrapbook, probably never will, in real life. But I know my way around my camera and computer and writing captions and dialogue.

    Just a few thoughts of mine:)
    Have a blessed Wednesday!

  2. I miss you so much when you don't blog..and I do keep coming back to check and see if you have updated. I'm not one of those who is frantic about blogging and has to know "all" that is going on out there. I'm just a sometimes lonely stay at home mom, who enjoys the company of others without it interferring with my job as a mommy, teacher, wife, & homemaker. This is why blogging is perfect for me! I get to share, and have companionship with those who are like minded. I learn tips and things that have worked for others...some that I can apply in my own life to better it! I get to sometimes bless others and be blessed myself!

    I too, sometimes wonder if it's worth the time I put into it, and if anyone would really "miss me" if I'm gone, so to speak. I'm not out to have 300+ followers. I've made a few very solid friends and that's a blessing to me. If they are the only one's who ever read my blog, I'm okay with that! I'll write when I have time to write, and not feel guilty when I don't!

    I do hope you continue to blog when you feel like it!

  3. I noticed...

    I blog for me and for my family first and foremost and then, no offense, for anyone else out there who cares. Blogging is a blessing to me because it forces me to do something that is important to me, record the memories from day to day. Through sharing about our home school, health and mothering it has also given me a ministry that helps me serve the God I love. It isn't about numbers as it would seem for some. But it is awful nice when someone reads it and lets you know that you have blessed them someway or another.

    Love the beach theme here, Amy. Keep doing what God needs you to do and you can't go wrong.



  4. Last summer I wrote a post about why I blog... you could check it out sometime if you are interested...hold on I better get the name or you might get lost looking for it...

    here is the link for I think I may be hooked

    You might also check out Homeschool- circle time, where I touch on the same idea also.

    Of course as I was looking for those I remembered other times when I have also related why I continue to blog... even if no one notices... so many reasons. Most importantly it's not about others it's about why you do it that matters.



  5. I blog to keep family/friends up to date on our family, since we live far away from most. I have a blog for me 'moments as a mom'.. but after next thurs I'll be deleting it.. i don't have time to keep up 2 blogs, along with everything else life hands us. I love blogging.. it'll take alot for me to quit. now facebook... i could give that up in heart beat! :)

  6. I didn't know if you'd check back, so I'm putting this response here as well...

    Oh, my dear Amy...I can totally understand! It is so easy when we face loss to turn back to food and our old habbits. It's so frustrating to know that you have to lose the same weight again before you can even continue on your original journey. What I have found that helps me, is to open my bible and read a few scriptures every time I want to go to the pantry. Regular meals are one thing, but you know what I'm talking about. Then, ask the Lord to help you refocus on your goals and get your comfort for the pain and loss you are feeling from Him instead. It takes discipline, but it's what has helped me the most when I lose focus. One of my favorite verses for this is Deuternomy shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Food is not our answer, God is. And of course Philippians 4:13 and 4:8,9. Positive thoughts are key. I'll be praying for you dear friend!

  7. Amy, Tried to post the other day to you. I hope you keep blogging. I enjoy reading your blog, I just have not been online as much. I do try and comment as soon as someone comments to me.

    Hope you have a great weekend... Have a cup of coffee, In our pink coffee cups of course lol. Many Blessings,

  8. You blog because you are good at it, you do a very creative job, I miss it when you aren't there even though I don't make it here everyday, the real world does tend to get in the way sometimes too much...