Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five Question Quiz

Good Friday to you! I have so much to say but little time to say it all. So today I'm going to post a quiz that I took from Four-Now and pass it to you.
Hoping we can catch up soon!
1-Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
Apple, Dutch Apple that is, taste better warmed up with ice cream smothered over it. Mmmm! And don't forget coffee too!
2-Television show you are currently interested in?
I believe it's called Parenthood. I hardly watch any TV but I have seen this show a few times and so far its good.
3-Current pet peeve that is driving you nuts?
When it is so obvious that someone is lying to you. I mean come on, was I really born yesterday? Yeah, didn't think so. Let's all be grown-ups here and tell the truth, its quicker!
4-Newspaper: read it, read it on-line , don't read it
On this one I would have to say perhaps read a little on-line. Otherwise don't read it.
5-What's something that made you laugh out loud this week?
My kids, they always have me ripping my pants : ) Especially when they mock me in a good-humor-mom-approval kind of way.
There ya have's your turn. Take the quiz. It's actually FUN!
Happy Friday to you!


  1. So glad you played along! I might have to see Parenthood; several people have mentioned it now. I love the gorgeous fall pictures in your earlier post!

  2. To answer your question on my blog, I actually came up with the questions myself. It's fun to think of them and see how people answer!