Monday, November 1, 2010

Fifteen Random Things

~ Fifteen Random Things I'm Thankful For ~

1. Jesus

2. Warm flavored oatmeal to fill my children's tummies

3. The warmth from our house heater {which we just turned on yesterday}

4. My Family

5. The coffee which my husband makes me every morning

6.Our Home

7. My husbands job

8. Devotional times with my children

9. The ability to teach my children from home

10. Food

11. Our vehicles

12. Friends

13. The Bible

14. The beauty which the Autumn season brings

15. Being able to attend a Bible-based church


  1. What a nice and thoughtful post babe! I like your updates and hope you'll make more soon.

    Maybe I'll even *borrow* your post idea...

  2. What wonderful things to be thankful for! I am thankful for many of the same things!

    I haven't felt like blogging much either, as you probably saw. Between my health, and my hubby losing his job, there have been just too many other things to focus on. PTL it's football least I have one awesome thing to distract me every week!!!

  3. Its always great to stand back and recognize the things that matter the most.Great list especially Jesus as 1

  4. Hi Amy
    Just dropped by from Joe's blog to check out your list of 15. Thought I'd say hello. BTW, love your photo - great colours, Evelyn

  5. I love your list. I agree with all of them but I did especially note the one about Joe fixing you coffee every morning. My Allen does the same thing... any day he isn't away on travel, that is. While I put on my face, he brews us coffee. How blessed are we for husbands that serve us so sweetly!