Thursday, January 27, 2011

Escape with me if you will

I vision skipping along a sandy beach under an umbrella, a fun umbrella, an umbrella that makes me feel like a little girl again. Twirling in the sand, water splashing occasionally on my toes.

I vision wearing the most fun yet unusual clothes and not caring what others think. Being free from feeling like I look extreme and everyone is starring at me. Clothes that involve fun knee-high colored socks, a skirt swaying slightly below my knees and layered tops like a ruffled white blouse with a lime-green cardigan sweater or maybe a jacket, a jean jacket of sorts.

I vision entering a little rather unknown yet busy coffee shop humming a zippy favorite tune that corresponds with my mood. Humming and smiling like I'm on the top of the world with not a care to weigh me down. Not concerned who's around me but hoping I'm bringing smiles to their faces.

I vision having a beach house on the ocean side of Massachusetts. Sitting on a towering beach deck overlooking light houses and waves splashing about in the distance. Comfortably wearing a longer loose white shirt and tan khaki Capri's enjoying the warmth of the breeze.

I vision riding in a small compact sporty car down narrow roads of Ireland along the Irish Sea, windows down, one hand in my husband's hand, clinching my camera in my other.

I vision dancing in my long ruffled red skirt and tank top during a hot sunset, pressing grapes between my toes in a vineyard in Italy, anticipating a nice glass of Italy's best tasting wine with my husband afterwards.

I vision vacationing in Sydney Australia taking in all the sights and capturing every moment on camera.

I vision riding alongside my husband in a Gondola on a Venice canal.

I vision enjoying a picnic lying on my back on a warm breezy summer afternoon on the hills of the most beautiful untouched countryside one could imagine.

I vision riding upon hills on the most gracious brown and blonde horse enjoying all the land under us feeling free to explore and take pleasure in.


  1. Sounds good to me. When do we go?

    Glad to see you around. Love your header.



  2. What wonderful visions, Amy!

    Have a wonderful weekend! =)