Monday, June 13, 2011

Through my eyes, the world around me....

Often times I like to take my camera along on errands, on special family events, throughout our daily routines, just taking pictures.

Life goes unnoticed around us.

We overlook the beauty that surrounds us, rarely taking the time to savor the moment.

We've heard the saying...."take time to smell the flowers" but struggle to do so.

Today I took our camera. Today I found the time.

Today I took pictures of life around us....

of things that filled up our day.

Today....through our picture journal....

some on walks, others around our home. all shapes and sizes....typically going unnoticed.

Through my eyes, the world around me....

Dependant on God....some without even realizing it.
What around you have you not noticed today?


  1. I have the time to look around me everyday,i think in a way ,i am lucky! bird watching most of the time ,trees and flowers...yes, i always take my camera with me. Blessings Catherine

  2. I love this post. Thank you for all the nice comments you have been leaving me. With my move prep and being alone to parent the kids my online time has been greatly reduced...I miss reading all the blogs...

  3. Well said and awesome pictures! It is the little things like a caterpillar that go unnoticed. Great reminder!

  4. My favorite thing about my little point and shoot, is that I always have it in my purse. I never miss a moment of the moments that make every day life special. Sometimes it might be the kids sitting in a waiting room, a plant that catches my eye, a beautiful sunset... you just never know. I love the record the ordinary!

    I thought it was neat that you have the same two flowers planted together that I have planted side by side in my back garden... the tequila sunrise and the purple one (which name escapes me at the moment.)

    Keep enjoying those every day moments... they pass by way too fast!