Friday, November 1, 2013

today i am Thankful

~ 30-day Be Thankful Challenge ~ 

Here it is November, already! Not sure where last month or the entire year went. But it is indeed November first.

Our lives pass by so fast and so many things go unnoticed or rarely taken the time to be thankful for. As we embrace November, some may sigh a relief that they made it through the sugar-loaded-merriment of Halloween. Others may be preoccupied with the over whelming demands the upcoming holidays bring.

November (the month we typically associate with thankfulness) often goes unnoticed and seldom enjoyed. Stores already have Christmas items stacked everywhere. Radios are screaming lies about Santa Claus and just about every click of the mouse introduces us in some way to the "how-to's" of making Christmas more merry and bright.

What about Thanksgiving?

What about the time where we are reminded to "Be still...." enjoy and reflect?

I am reminded about the 30-day Thanksgiving-Be-Thankful Challenge. It causes me to slow down, perhaps stop and reflect on things I am truly thankful for.  
With that said each day in November share something which you are thankful for. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.
Be thankful in all things, find blessings every day, encourage others.

Will you join me? Share what you are truly thankful for - I love to read them!!
Day # 1 Today I am thankful that with all the rain we've been getting, it was simply that - rain and not snow!!

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