Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fresh Air and Sunshine

I'm really looking forward to Spring.
Today our temperatures got into the low 40's and it felt refreshing. We took the family to Barnes and Noble earlier this evening and it was crazy. Stood in line for the bathrooms. Stood in line for our coffee. It must be that everyone felt the desire to get out and about now that some frigid weather has subsided.
~ In more ways than one, I am really looking forward to Spring ~
Shedding the winter layers.
Jumping into flip flops and heading out the door without having to bundle up.
Seeing butterflies flutter by.
Smelling burgers on the grill.
Seeing the brown grass turn green.
Opening our windows and having the fresh air overtake our home.
Having color once again on the trees.
Springtime is one of my favorite times witnessing God's work making things come alive again.
What are some things you are looking forward to in Spring?
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