Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lilacs and Daisies

I love the color yellow.
Wouldn't you say yellow is a happy color?!
Yellow is a mood changer and it makes me very happy.
I enjoy pinks and purples.
I also enjoy lime green and coral - these colors are fun.
I appreciate seeing these colors in flowers.
Flowers are so pretty aren't they?!
Especially after a bland winter, it's invigorating to see color instead of white. 
I'm looking forward to seeing daisies and lilacs in the springtime and summer.
I'm looking forward to green grass and fresh air. 
The snow is melting away little by little and our lawn is appearing once again although brown and patted down.

I can't wait until green takes over the scenery and lemonade stands are welcomed.
What about spring and summer are you looking forward to?

As I'm on day #12 of my blog challenge,
now I challenge YOU to blog everyday for the next 31 days!! 
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  1. I picked up some forsythia branches at the store so I can have a little bit of spring ahead of time.

  2. I absolutely love flowers and I love how you captured their beauty and the gorgeous colors! Love this!

  3. Purple and yellow are my favorites too! Can't wait to see the Spring colors.