Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it that time again?

We just finished watching the movie Christmas with the Kranks tonight. My husband bought it on Tuesday. It's a funny movie but it has me thinking that I can't believe it's that time of the year already. One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, is a week away and then after that the count is on until Christmas. It's too bad that people are made to feel pressured in one way or another to buy a ton of gifts and to get the latest and greatest for their loved ones. When in reality what they're doing, in my mind, is robbing others of the true meaning of Christmas and filling it with worldly possessions. I purposely, well actually my husband and I, don't buy our kids a ton for Christmas because we don't want to fill their heads with a false notion that that's what Christmas is all about. We want to keep our family reflecting on Jesus, He is the true meaning of Christmas not what's under the tree. It's sad to see so many shoppers out there trying to beat the hustle and bustle of shopping in order to get the best deal. I say get what you wish for those you love and if they don't appreciate it, then they're missing the meaning behind it in the first place.

I truly wish each of you a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday season as it is approaching us ever so quickly! May each of you seek to find Jesus as the true meaning of the season and to keep Jesus as your main focus. What a wonderful gift God has truly given us in Christ Jesus our Lord! Blessings to you!!


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you!! I just love the drawings of your family. How cute!!


  2. Amy, Hope you are feeling better. I am Praying for you. Thank You for sharing your favs with me. I like Cinnamon and Sugar too. Have a great Friday. Blessings, Audrey

  3. What a beautiful and truthful post! I often wonder why we can't get back to that down home feeling once again, where it's more about spending time with loved one, celebrating the birth of Jesus and just falling in love all over again.

    I too, loved this movie, although even if our kids were grown I can't see going someplace tropical for Christmas.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love the color of's just beautiful!

    I totaly agree with you on this post. Some Christmas' we have bought quite a few gifts for the kids when we were blessed enough to be able to, but we don't buy gifts for our extended family, and we have our family sing happy birthday to Jesus in the morning before the kids open their presents. We've done it ever since our first Christmas with our oldest child, and it's a favorite part of the day for me. I never want my kids to loose sight of the true reason and meaning for Christmas.

    I would love to stay in touch with you on my weight loss journey! You can just comment on my blog, or you can leave me your e-mail address in a comment on my blog. I have it set to approve all comments before they are posted for everyone to see, so I'll just delete it. So great to "meet" you!

  5. Hi, came here from your mom's blog. I love the colors and set up here. And its' always fun seeing kids artwork. I have grandkids too, and love seeing what they draw.