Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Woman's Call to Prayer ~ Part One

I'm currently in the middle of reading two books, (actually three considering the Bible) but right now I want to focus on exploring the book A Woman's Call to Prayer by Elizabeth George. In our Sunday school hour at church we're talking about prayer. I have had this book from Elizabeth George for some time and haven't picked it up to read it cover to cover. Well, I'm setting a goal to do just that and I figured that if I set out to tell you about the book bit by bit, I can read the whole book while sharing it with you.
In an opening statement titled An Invitation to...Become a Woman of Prayer she writes~ If you are like most women (and like me!), you can always use a little helpful motivation for improving and refreshing your commitment to pray. I'm hooked!...She goes on to say in the first chapter~ Prayer. Just say the word and I begin to yearn and squirm at the same time! As a woman after God's own heart, I yearn to pray. My soul longs for it. My spirit craves the communion with my heavenly Father that only the act of prayer provides..... And yet I also squirm at the thought of prayer. Why? Because even though I know praying to God will most definitely be rewarding and a blessing, I also know it is a serious undertaking. Approaching our thrice-holy God, while both a joy and a privilege, is an awesome and almost fearful consideration.
That's just the first paragraph and already it makes me think and want to evaluate my prayer life. How do I look at prayer? Does my soul long for it like King David of the Old Testament?, "As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God...My soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You" Psalm 42:1; 63:1 Is prayer a bargaining tool to help me through my daily struggles? Do I pray only when under pressure from this or from that?
I'm saddened to say that my soul doesn't long for deep communion with my Heavenly Father like it should. Sure I want the rewards and blessings from being in deep communion with God but often times I am quick to bring forth excuses....I'm tired, I'm never having the time, I'm too busy, it's been too long...blah blah blah the list of excuses continue. What do I do that takes me away from praying? I enjoy praying. I do pray everyday, just not enough as far as I'm concerned. I want more time with my God and Savior. All the time in the world with Him is not enough. I desire more! Some of you know what I am talking about and can relate.
What about you though?....Do you pray?....Do you believe in prayer?....Have you said "Hello" to God today? Have you taken the time to show your gratitude towards God? Is it time for you to evaluate your own prayer life?
Other highlights in her first chapter are Hearing God's Call to Prayer, Making a Commitment and Checklist for Prayer. In her second chapter she titles it Ten Reasons Women Don't Pray-Part One. I'm excited to read that chapter and share it with you. I'm sure I will find myself in that chapter as well. Praying for my prayer life and yours! It's never a wrong time to be in communion with God!
Glad to share my cup of coffee with you!
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  1. What a beautiful post... Yes I pray... I pray all the time. You can never pray to often as we teach our children. I believe in The Power of Prayer. Thank You for sharing your cup of coffee, I love that. I also enojoyed reading your sidebar about Motherhood. Hope to talk soon. I have joined your beautiful blog. Many Blessings,

  2. Great post Babe, but yeah, you're right- that's some kind of excuse list that you've got going!

    Let me ask you this: have you ever thought about what it would be like for your own children to put off talking to you for any length of time? As a Mom who cares for them, gets them dressed, feeds them breakfast and all of that, you'd feel pretty insulted if they flat out put off having a regular converstation with you?

    How much more for our Heavenly Father to be surprised or even insulted that (even though we want to) we don't sit down to talk to Him daily?

    There isn't any set structure to our daily converstations with those that we love and live with. Why do we let our over-active imaginations make a simple converstation (with the One who loves us the most) into such a chore?

    Beats me.....

    Great topic for a post!!! Lovin' ya Lots! Joe

  3. I love your post Amy,I will be keeping up with this subject (: you are doing so great with your blog and I love the drawings on the sidebar too. Love the new look too, perfect!

  4. Sounds like a great book. I know I could use some encouragement in that area of my life. With all the craziness going on here, it's so important for me to be in communication with God. Thanks for visiting my blogs and for praying for our daughter. Things are going very well now, and we're just trying to catch our breath!

  5. Thank You for joining my blog (Not sure if I told you that or not)... Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Have a great weekend. Blessings,