Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pictures of this week.

Here is last nights beautiful sunset out our back window. The tree branches hide it alot but you get the idea how pretty it was from the pink and purple colors.

A few shots of my dogie Tanna Mae watching the kids and I rake up the yard. She's such a beautiful dog, so well behaved too!! (for the most part) The sun was so welcoming!! I think she's enjoying it too!

Here is our front yard with no leaves and a little dead grass. No leaves for the moment anyway until the rest fall. I'm so thrilled that in the second week into November we can get out and pick up most of the leaves. Thank you God for the wonderful weather! I'm loving it!!

Here is a picture that my daughter drew on her etch-a-sketch the other night. It's of her and myself. At least she has me smiling, that's hopeful : ) A drawing on the etch-a-sketch from your daughter.....priceless.

Then there is my coffee cup that I'm enjoying this morning. My secret sister pal through church gave it to me this past weekend. Hmm she must know I like coffee cups! I DO!! I'm enjoying my harvest cup. Thank you secret sister!!
Happy Veteran's Day to my husband and to every man and woman who have served our great country!! God Bless America!!
Glad to share my cup of coffee with you! Until next time.....


  1. Amy,

    What a great post today with so many things to be thankful for. Love your golden retriever, she just looks so happy to be out and about.

    Loving cups of coffee in the mornings and next time I pour myself one, I will be thinking of you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Amy, Thank You for thinking of me. I appreciate your comments. Love all your great pics. Beautiful drawing... It is priceless. Such a pretty dog. I love the sunset pic. I enjoy taking photos too.

    Thank You for always sharing a cup of coffee, I enjoy seeing your cups and reading that every time I visit. I LOVE coffee... Do you have any Pink/Brown cups? My fav colors:)

    Prayers for all those that have served and are now serving our country. Blessings my friend, Audrey

  3. Hi Amy, Just stopped by to see if had a cup of coffee for me (In My Pink Cup lol). Have a great day. Audrey

    Let me know if you make a button for your blog. I would love to add it.

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  5. Amy, Meant to tell you Thank You adding me to your blogroll. I have added you as well. I add everyones first name to make it more personal too. I can now see quicker when you post something new.

    The button is just a fancier way of getting to your blog. They are cute and something that will go with your blog. You can look on my blog at my "Share My Button". It has a code that you copy and paste. You just go to your layout and add it under html and then drag it where ever you want it. You can do the same thing with a reg. pic. A good place to add things to pics is It is a free website. You can resize photos and put words on them. That way everyone could just add your button as a photo instead of html. You would just need to add your blog address where is says: Link back to. Hope I did not confuse you. If you need me to help... Let me know. You can send me an email or comment.

    The coffee, Well I am sure mine is not the healthiest in the world. But I deserve it;) lol... I add 3 teaspoons of sugar, vanilla coffee creamer and then on top some whip cream. YUMMY... I told you if wasn't very healthy LOL. Have a great day. Audrey