Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I wish things would stop piling up on my counter.....

I wish I could get caught up on laundry....

I wish the laundry that I had already folded nicely in the basket was still folded.
Actually there is a basket under there. This is how it looked after my daughter searched for something specifically....hope she found it :)

I wish the goldfish wouldn't get crushed under my feet.....farewell little guys.....

I wish the roses my husband gave me for Valentine's day wouldn't die......

I wish the toys would always stay at least in the corner and out from under my feet......

I wish I was able to finish reading these three favorite books of mine.....

I wish I would schedule out my days better.....

I wish next weeks lesson plans were already done.....

I wish I prayed more today.....
I wished for this my whole life!
I wish to tackle it slowly tomorrow......


  1. So many of my wishes are the same as yours! Especially the toys and laundry! We simplified our school curriculum this year and it has really been helpful. I used to always be behind on getting assignments ready, and now I am almost always on nice thing that goes right during my days!

  2. As moms, I think we will always have something to wish for that we simply wished were done! Much like you, I have much to do and I just work on it a little at a time. I will get there someday.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. WHAT?! YOU struggle with housework too? *Wink* LOL. Love that scheduling book . . . I am still in the process of applying it, too . . . Love ya!

  4. Amy,

    I am glad you stopped by. I love the tea cup on your header. I have enjoyed visiting around your blog. This has little to do with anything except that I have to say, your kitchen looks much like mine when we first bought our house. The peninsula and counter top are identical, the dark tile on the floor the kitchen sink and window above... we have since painted and redone the floor because it was chipping up all over the place and the sub floor was exposed and starting to deteriorate.

    You mentioned about trying to schedule better... I spent a number of our early years home schooling trying to make schedules and stick to them and I was often frustated. I found we came to fully enjoy our home school and get much more done, when I tossed the schedule out the window. Almost literally. We follow a routine that works well for us and get much more done and everyone LIKES school! The kids are always eager to get back to school after the weekends and don't drag their feet. And most of all, I am much more relaxed and happy.

    Not that it would work for everyone, but the thing to keep in mind is that not everything works for everyone and just because it works for a friend who recommended it does not mean it will work for you. I don't know you or anything about you or your family, but maybe a little less guilt about not scheduling would go a long way in the whole deal?

    Also, one suggestion about the counters... at the end of each day, I dispersed the kids to different parts of the house in need of tidying and we all take five minutes to put away what is there (no discussion about who was using it, who left it there, or who it belongs to) that way the clutter is never more than a day deep.

    As for those toys, this will sound silly, but get some masking tape and mark off the toy zone around the corner where the toys are desirable. Then get a basket or trash bag or whatever.... any toys that are left outside that area go into the basket or bag and the children can not reclaim them until a determined time later, like Sunday or a week from today or whatever works for you.

    And... last but not least... as to your comments on my blog... is it all worth it? It depends why you do it? I blog primarily for our many family and friends that are scattered around the world. It is also an outlet for me... writing is my joy and really is like therapy for me... and to have a forum to reach others for the Lord. Every time I think, this is a waste of my time, I get a note or a letter that shows me otherwise. Last week, it was a beautiful email from a lady who is embarking on home schooling and feeling very overwhelmed. She related how reading my blog this last year and give her the courage to do what she has known the Lord wanted her to do but what she was afraid to do before. I'd say that is pretty worth it!

    I have also been very blessed by those who have written about lifestyle changes that are improving the quality of their lives through my health posts.

    And many others. But I am not here to go on about be but to say that the Lord has used it and for that I am blessed. As with anything it is always a matter of balancing.

    And how do I do that? I think that was your other question. That is a very complicated answer. I have answered to some degree in past posts but I intend to start a series of posts on home school that will address that very topic shortly.

    Glad to meet you, friend.