Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrating Mom

Celebrating my Mother-in-law
This past Saturday we had my mother-in-law over to celebrate her birthday which was last Wednesday March 6th.
We ordered Chinese for the adults, one of her favorites that she usually doesn't get often because her husband wont touch it at all (too bad because it's sooo yummy!).
We ordered pizza for the kiddos who really don't like Chinese much either.

Then we enjoyed watching mom open her gifts.

As soon as she saw the title of the book that we got her, she just busted out laughing. The title of it is called The Goose Girl. It's suppose to be enchanting and magical, just like she likes...(I hope). I think it's a title she wasn't expecting.

Great moment to get on camera :)

We also got her one of her favorite movies ~Gone With the Wind. We have been trying to find this one for about six years now. It's seems that every time I see the movie at a store, I don't end up getting it, and then when I want to go and buy it, I can never find it.

At last we found it, the only copy in the store, and now she has it on DVD!!

Happy Birthday Mom, it's fun celebrating you!!
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  1. Oh what a wonderful way to show your Mom just how much she means to you! Love all her gifts.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. What a great way to celebrate your mama in law, I love my mom in law too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. She looks very happy.

    Many Blessings

  3. Hi! I found you from Erin's blog. I love Gone with the Wind! Looks like a fun party!

  4. Sounds like a great MIL. We ordered Chinese this past weekend too. I also love Gone with the wind.

  5. sounds like you had a nice day.i love gone with the wind!

  6. Lovely birthday celebration. My mil birthday was this week, also. How wonderful that you could make the time to honour such a sweet lady.

  7. Your MIL is blessed to have such a great DIL. I know she will enjoy the book and the movie!

  8. Aw... what a wonderful honor to be a post on your blog, now if I didn't look so horrible in them... Thank you for the Chinese and the great gifts. By the way I am laid off for a week or two (: