Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleepless Night and A Hard Days Work

Last night was a rough night for me. I didn't get alot of sleep. Not much at all. Somewhere, somehow, I caught a cold. It first started out with just nasal congestion, not thinking it was too bad. Now it has managed to make its way down to my throat and it's hanging there camping out. Yes literally hanging in the back of my throat, tickling it and making me cough, endlessly. Every time I would lay my head down to sleep, my throat would tickle and I would cough, and cough and cough. It's hard to get any sleep like this. In the middle of the night I went to the couch for the fear of waking my husband who would have to get up in a few hours.
Today, I feel, a walking zombie. The kids had a wonderful day of school however. They all worked really hard and got alot done. I'm so proud of each of them and how much they've learned.

"D" and his math lessons~not his favorite but one he tries really hard at

"B" and his math lesson
"B" says it's not his favorite but I think otherwise. Last week we both challenged each other to see if we can memorize the math equation of pi ~which happens to be:
We have that part memorized but
there are still more numbers to pi that we're trying to challenge each other at. I think this is a good start though :)
Right now he's learning more about fractions....NOT one of my favorites. All in all I find math as a fun challenge. A challenge that none of my family understands. I see "B" starting to have fun with it a little. I have a feeling he says he doesn't like it because he doesn't like homework in general.

Here's my "E". She loves to do her school work. More than half the time she actually teaches herself. Isn't that the goal of parents alike though, to create independent learners?
She's doing a great job!

D's History of his favorite subjects.
Little "K" keeping herself busy learning in her own way....

Reading a book and telling me all about it.

"B" doing his Writing-English assignments
"D" tackling Spelling

Working hard!
Don't forget to use your Dictionary!!
Keep up the hard work, I'm proud of each of you!


  1. I love math and love teaching it. My boys don't have the same love for it that I do though. They like history and science though and do well in english. How in the world do you find time to blog after homeschooling? Ok take two fish oil tablets and a sip of Braggs vinegar and you will feel better soon.

  2. Oh how I hear you that being sick and trying to get through days when you haven't sleep is really the all time worse. Here is hoping that you feel much better soon!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Sorry to hear you have been sick Amy, hope your feeling better today..

  4. I am so sorry that you are sick. I'm right there with you...funny thing...I have exactly the same symptoms! It's not funny, but I find our similarities funny. As I read down your post, I see my boys doing their school work, and my daughter really starting to like youngest trying to play and entertain herself, but it's "oh, so hard!"

    I hope you feel better soon my friend!

  5. Congratulations on winning my blog giveaway for The Autobiography of An Execution! I need you to email me with your mailing information so that I can get a copy of the book out to you!

    Congratulations again on your win!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat