Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gaining Money for Losing Weight: Results are in...

We had our family competition weigh in this morning. One family member still has to weigh in, they weren't there due to his kids sports but here are the results~

After a week of eating alot of this...

And drinking plenty of this...

I managed to gain a pound, yes I gained 1 pound.

I think after having such an amazing weight loss last week, my body is trying to adjust its self to new things. The kids and I walk at least two miles everyday. On top of that, my husband and I went out walking and running four miles on Monday. That's a total of six miles on Monday alone! For the past two weeks I've had no sugar, no sweats, no red meat, no breads and no dairy. At this point I'm baffled and pretty bummed as to where that pound came from. I'm trying to keep myself sane and not lose hope. Trying not to get discouraged, I did lose 9 pounds last week after all. My body needs to adjust as well as my mind with cravings.
I have to tie up my shoe laces and keep moving forward. I wish I had better results but there's next week to become the biggest loser again.


  1. *WARNING* Long supportive email in your inbox!

  2. Hey, eating healthy is good for your body, even if you don't lose any weight yet. :)

  3. You did so super last week your body probably is in shock, maybe a little water weight? You'll be on top again next week!!

  4. Slow and steady wins the race. Hang in there and don't lose hope. Like you said your body needs to adjust and catch up the the wonderful loss last week. Your making changes for the better, it will show up, give it time.

  5. Keep up the hard work and don't change anything results will come. Your body has to adjust to the shock. Keep praying for strength and perseverance.