Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another 4 bites the dust !

Giving thanks to the Lord!
We had our family weigh in day today!!
Some results are hard to swallow, but given the circumstances of my Grandmother's passing, it's understandable. Nonetheless it's given us no choice but to go forward encouraging one another to try our very best knowing the end results are to better our overall health and not just the cash {although it's surely an awesome incentive}. : )
This is how we did ~
Mom gained 4 lbs.
My sister gained 3lbs.
My brother gained 1 lb. {after losing 8lbs. last week, which sounds like my first two weeks}
I lost 4 lbs.
I plan to send a few cards to them this week encouraging them to get back on track. I would love to win this thing in the end sure, but I much rather see the health of my family improve greatly!!
Thanks to you for all your continued support and prayers!!


  1. Yes, praise God! Good for you!

    That's a wonderful thing for you to do..sending the cards. I hope it will bless them, and I'm sure it will!

  2. Great job Amy! I am sure the rest will get back on track and serious and be trying to kick your behind by next weekend!!