Monday, June 14, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk Flood and More

Some say that my children are "sheltered". We decided to take the family to a couple of wonderful local events here in our town. It was a wonderful weekend with the family. Mostly, it was a very inexpensive weekend of events for us all.

It started Saturday mid-afternoon. We headed to East-Town for a Bizarre Bazaar. Here we checked out local art booths and enjoyed different folks. Little Fairy Lady : ) See her wings?
Hmmm... Enjoyed the music from this friend.

This is actually one of my favorites. Some of these pictures were taken with having ideas for my husband's art in mind.
Then we left and headed to...
...another local city for their summer kick off celebration
where we met up with Dee Jay the clown. Here we ended our adventure for Saturday.
On Sunday after church we headed downtown to the
where anyone and everyone colored the town in sidewalk chalk. It was alot of fun exploring our creative side with chalk as well as viewing other's too. We enjoyed our little stroll about the city as well.

Sidewalk chalk was EVERYWHERE!!

Fun weekend!!


  1. I am very proud of the fact that my children are sheltered, and I hope to keep them that way for a very long time!

    Looks like you guys had fun! That sidewalk chalk scene looked incredible! My kids would have a blast chalking up the town!

  2. I saw something about the sidewalk chalk event in the newspaper. That looks like it was fun and interesting! It's great to find things like that to do with the whole family. If we have a spare weekend we like to go camping.

  3. Amy, I am glad we were able to find the perfect bassinet for us. We looked and looked and finally found it:)

    My kids love that big chalk. We color all the time on our front porch. They color the trampoline lol. Looks like a great family day. Family days are the best!!! Blessings,

  4. our kids would have a blast with the sidewalk chalk.. i would too :)