Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mom's Challenge

Week 14 of 52
I have accepted Kathleen's personal 52 week challenge to get Mom back into the picture. The idea is that once a week you take a picture of yourself. Give the camera to your husband, your kids, the librarian, the ticket taker. Who cares? Just pass the camera off and say, "Cheese!" It's that simple. I shall post my picture(s) for the challenge on my blog once a week typically on Thursdays. I too personally invite you to take the challenge of getting Mom back into the picture.

Last weekend our family celebrated my nieces 12th birthday. It was a very nice time!! My husband didn't make it because he was sick :(
Oh yes cutting the Cold Stone Chocolate Midnight Delight Cake Y-U-M!
Not much left...bummer!
Have to get a picture with the birthday gal and my daughter.
Happy Birthday Samantha!! You're growing up soooo fast : (
Enjoying Mom-time :)
Taking a shot with my sister.
Ending the night in the wee hours of the morning playing cards.


  1. I am having a wonderful summer so far, thank you! It looks like you are as well, with the exception of the flu bug you guys got!

    I LOVE playing cards with my family. That's one of the big things I miss not living close to them anymore. When we went to visit my parents while they lived in Texas, we stayed up very late the last night we were there and played cards. We were so tired, we were getting quite goofy. I cherish those memories!

  2. P.S.- Glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps changing their blog look! It's refreshing, isn't it?!

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  4. We love ice cream cake for special birthdays and playing cards. Our kind of night. Fun shots, Amy.