Friday, July 9, 2010

Shoo you!

Shoo you flu!

Well here I am on a Friday night staring at my computer screen, listening to the sounds of Harry Potter on the TV behind me and wishing the flu bug hadn't made it's way into our home, but it has. This past week Wednesday our son got the flu and we hoped no-one else would come down with it. Well no-one did come down with it for two days but then all of a sudden this bug made its appearance known once again.
My hubby got sick earlier this evening followed by our 5yr. old daughter. It's hard to see family members not feeling well especially for me as a mom who feels helpless when all I can do is rub their backs and pray that no-one else gets it and wishing the flu bug would exit the home quickly.
These are my wishes for my wonderful, yet under the weather family!

Then again, this is how I'm starting to feel dealing with the bug around the house : )


  1. Oh, I'm with you. The minute someone throws up in our house, I'm instantly praying that the Lord will help me get through it. In our home, when one kid gets sick, they all get sick...and I don't handle vomit very well. I'm thankful that they are all getting old enough to keep it in a bowl of some sort. When they are little, they just get sick wherever they're at! lol

    I do pray you all will get better soon, and that the rest of you might be spared.

  2. Oh, Amy. Praying for you. We had it around for 2 weeks in June and that was more than enough for a lifetime. I can deal with anything else but cleaning up that is the one thing that puts me over the edge and sick or not I end up on the floor next to the ill ones in no time. Sigh. Praying you stay well and all are up and about in no time.



  3. Ugh! I pray that your family is feeling allll better soon. My little 3 year old, Andrew, had a bug one day last week. He was so sick...vomiting and a fever. He spent the whole day on the couch (highly unusual for him!!). I felt sooooo bad! Was incredibly thankful that it only lasted one day. I just said a prayer that you will stay well, so that you can take care of everyone else. It's a REAL bummer when mama is sick!!


  4. Ugh, no energy for anything but sitting in frint of the TV....

  5. Hope everyone is back to good health! Time to plan a get togehter again. Miss you guys!

  6. I am just trying to push my back side into the swing of things again and catch up on what I've missed in blog world. I see that you changed your layout again. Which do you like better?