Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just for a moment!

Just for a moment I wish I could freeze time. Summer is going way too fast for my speed and August is nearly getting booked up with yet more "fast-paced" activities. I haven't been on my blog lately, or visited yours lately like I like to, partially because of summer activities. The days have been fun and enjoyable just being around my kids and husband with no real agenda. No homework papers. No set curfew. No real major expectations. Just life in the summer.

I'm having a nice summer. We've gone to the beach, been to the cottage, had our church's VBS, celebrated birthdays, had family gatherings, been to the traditional cook-outs...ya know the usual summer stuff. It has been a great summer and there is still more to enjoy!...


  1. soak in these last few relaxing days of summer break!
    big hugs~

  2. Oh, I am with you. Summer goes way to fast to begin with and this summer has had so much happen that it seems to have disappeared without the usual rest and relaxation that makes it an extra special season. Hoping to find a sense of what we're missing in the last few weeks before we hit the fall road running.