Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mom is missing challenge week

Week 17 of 52
I have accepted Kathleen's personal 52 week challenge to get Mom back into the picture. The idea is that once a week you take a picture of yourself. Give the camera to your husband, your kids, the librarian, the ticket taker. Who cares? Just pass the camera off and say. "Cheese!" It's that simple. I shall post my picture(s) for the challenge on my blog once a week typically on Thursdays. I too invite you to take the challenge on getting Mom back into the picture.

These are the pictures that our son took this past Sunday after church. Still in our Sunday goods. : )
Unfortunately those are the only ones of this Mom for this week. Hope to be able to provide more next week. Happy Summer everyone!


  1. Love that top, Amy! You are look so adorable together.



  2. Those colors look great on you!

  3. I too, love the new color combinations of blue and brown now! Very classic!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Those are great pictures and I have to agree with everyone else, those colors look great on you!