Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update/ Mom is missing challenge

It's pretty clear that I haven't been to the blog world in a few days. Things are very busy around here especially for this past weekend. Over the weekend was very packed. Friday we met some friends out for supper...late night. Saturday my husband and I went shopping during the day {which was alot of fun as the three older kids went camping} then the ladies from church and I went out for the evening on Saturday.....another late night. Sunday after church we were surprised as another couple from our church wanted to take us out for supper also.....a little later than we'd like on Sunday night. We are very blessed to know such amazing friends, but that equals to a very busy packed weekend! I haven't posted my "mom-challenge-pictures" for last week yet {but I will} and here it is now Tuesday and we're getting set for yet another vacation for the Labor Day weekend. As the summer swirls down for us, it seems as though it's still as busy, or even perhaps a little more busy.

I don't feel like typing the typical introduction for the the mom-challenge-pictures. If you would like to know more on the challenge, please visit my previous postings about "getting mom into the picture challenge".
For now...here it goes....

Mom is missing challenge

Week 20 of 52
Last week the kids and I went to the lake near by. It was a beautiful comfortable day and here was a fun tree that I had to lean against and enjoy the scenery.

My son and I being.....us.

Still enjoying the lake....

Friday night with our friends....

Just me....

My husband and I....

Saturday Ladies Night out with some of my wonderful best friends....at Olive Garden.

Kim and I....

Vicky and I....

Hopefully I can get back to posting on my blog regularly very soon and not just for the challenges!!

I miss posting on here!

I enjoy it!


  1. OOOO! You cut your hair! It looks beautiful! I love getting a hair cut. Right now, I'm growing it out for the first time since baby number 3, and I want to cut it so bad!

    I love the silly pic of you and your son..very cool!

  2. Thank you Kristi!! You are very nice!! Yes after over a year of growing it out and trimming it a little here and there, I finally decided to "shape it". I feel she shaped it a little too much, but it feels really healty. I got about 2 1/2 inches cut off. Feels better. I got a gift card from my mom, otherwise I don't when I would have cut it shorter. Have a great day and as always, thank you for stopping by!! :)

  3. I love the pictures at the lake, I miss the calm serenity the water seems to provide amid all our daily stresses!

    Don't worry about getting back to blogging, I am still in the midst of juggling all our schedules now that school's back in session.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat