Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beauty in colors

Beauty from our picture journal.

Pictures that we took of flowers from different places where we've been this summer.

Take time to enjoy the flowers!

These ones my oldest son picked for me. Blessings come in all different shapes and sizes!

With pictures so beautiful like these, no need for words!

Makes me want to go explore more beauty around us!

Happy Day!


  1. Amy, I love these photos. Of course, flowers are my weakness. I particularly like your hanging basket. Every spring I start out with one or more of those but I forget to water them and then nothing I do will get them to look nice once they have wilted. I'm better with stuff in the ground that doesn't need tending every day. ☺ Hugs, Kat

  2. You're right..beautiful colors in beautiful pictures!

  3. How wonderful even the tiny ones a beautiful.