Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Homeschool Ave.

It's that time of year.

As you head out the door to get the morning paper you see that yellow bus pull up your street. However your kids are not who it's coming for. Suzie and Johnny down the street ride away on it as you make your way back into the house. Newspaper in one hand and your coffee cup in the other.

Running screaming children sweep past your loosely tied robe. You think to yourself, here we are again. Here we are starring at yet another year. Another day. Another hour in this home-school home. Perhaps breakfast is still on the table. Toothpaste still smeared on the bathroom counter. Pajamas still being worn. And those dishes still in the sink from supper the night before. You can only think that little Johnny and Suzie must already have done three subjects in school by now and are ready for their annual spelling-bee. Yet your day has barely begun.

Perhaps you wonder, why me? Why can't I get a few minutes to myself? Why can't my home be perfect and peaceful? Why can't my children be the children that that little yellow school bus is coming to pick up? But as quickly as those thoughts enter your mind, so does the reminder that you and your husband have mutually agreed to home-school your children. You know it's the best decision yet your imagination takes you to what you think is something better.

The morning continues and chaos seems to be the dominating factor. If others only knew what went on in your home during school hours! You insist that if the only thing that gets accomplished are family devotions, you'll be willing to try homeschooling again tomorrow.

Devotions are started and your children begin to pray one by one. Out of their precious mouths, you hear them tell the Lord "Thank you for being home-schooled. Thank you for their mom who teaches them. They continue in prayer asking the Lord to bless their upcoming school year, that they would learn alot and be obedient to Him".

Just then a feeling of certainty overtakes you. You know it is meant to be. The decision to home-school. The decision to have family devotions. The decision to be their sole influence throughout the day, its all meant to be. You know to put your children on that yellow school bus is not whats best for your children. You are reminded that this is God's plan for you and your children, and by that you are comforted. Your dreams of that perfect-nonexistent-life have vanished and you are longing to be that home-school mom you know your children need.

Your turn to pray comes along. You pray to the Lord telling Him thank you for the opportunity to teach such amazing kids. You thank Him for allowing you not to miss out on such cherished times and for reminding you that it is all worth it.

Deep down you know you are not perfect. You know you will not be the perfect teacher nor the perfect mom, but you realize that because the Lord is perfect, He can and will help you along this interesting and ever-challenging journey of home-schooling.
You are reminded that in the areas you fail at, He will not.
Family devotions can be a major reason to home-school. To be able to pray and read the Bible with your children can be such a blessing for both you and them.
On our first day of home-school, I was reminded why I home-school and why it's so important to do so.

What about you?
You chose to home-school. Why?
What joys do you especially get from it?
What areas is your family benefiting from because of home-school?
What are you most looking forward to in this upcoming school year?
I love to hear and connect with other home-school parents. Please feel free to share!
Blessings to you as another year is upon us!


  1. This was very touching, Amy! These are exactly the thoughts that have been going through my mind lately. We have a bus that picks up kids right next door, and lately I had been thinking "it wouldn't be THAT bad, would it?" I could have my house clean, and it would stay that way without the kids there to mess it up. I could finaly have time to make and maintain the flower beds outside that I want so bad. I could tend to all my husbands needs and wishes around the home, that I just don't have time for. God and I would be alone in His word, without any distractions. I could exercise and finally loose the weight and be healthy! I would be a happier person!

    But then, I see a story of someone who's life was ruined when her teenage daughter got pregnant and had an abortion behind her back. A friend's son who was put into public school during high school and no longer wants anything to do with God, or his family. Smart kids with good morals who were sucked into drugs by peer-pressure...the list goes on and on. A clean house and a skinny body isn't worth my children's souls or their future! It's not worth their safety and their itty bitty soft hearts!

    One day, I will have that flower bed. One day, I will have a clean house. One day I will have time to exercise as much as I wish. And it will be sooo much more enjoyable, because I'll know that I didn't sacrifice something so utterly precious, to have it!

  2. Very well written and heartfelt. Visit my post titled "Preparation: Confessions of a Homeschool Mom" on www.hsdays.blogspot.com to read just a piece of why I homeschool.

  3. GREAT post Babe! It was very encouraging to read and I'm praying that the school year goes very well for all of us!!

    Love you!!

  4. You must have read my mind! I have looked around my less than spotless house and felt like a failure for not doing it all perfectly. I keep trying to tell myself the very same things you just said. Thank you!

  5. Hi! Visiting from Virtual Coffee. Have a great week.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your kind words. You, and others like you, are one of the reasons why I blog. Even though I have days when I think I'm alone in my struggles or feelings, deep down I know I'm not! If my honesty helps even one person to feel normal, or less insane:), then it's worth it to write about! Your blog provides the same for me.

  7. I love this post! It is amazing and although I have one son in public high school and three in college all living at home I find the overwhelming realities of life too much some days because I work full time and I am not a young chick anymore! Heehee. I am glad I stopped by and I hope you will come join me too and join my postcard exchange/giveaway. I love meeting new people and I was at Kat's blog when I found you there. Anne

  8. Amy this was a very well written and thought through post. You all will have a wonderful school year I'm sure,you have great kids to teach and your a wonderful mother and teacher.