Thursday, June 30, 2011

Along goes my camera....mid-summer-memories

It's still June. As I'm typing, at 7:36pm, it's still June for the next four and a half hours. Sadly that means July is upon us. I love the summer, but knowing that July is already tomorrow makes me want to sigh. We've had a wonderful summer so far. The weather has been a little cooler and wetter than preferred, but I'm enjoying it to say the least.
Earlier this month we went to the local Art's Festival downtown where the kids got the chance to be in a Life EMS Ambulance {hoping this is the only time where they'll be into one of these}.
Strolling a lot through the town in the evenings, the kids get captivated by this astronaut statue. It seems every time they see it they're amazed. The kids weren't able to climb on there too long as security quickly came and told them to get down....oops!!
Always a favorite....making it to the big lake where I am able to sink my feet in the warm sand. This is a feeling I just love....I really love....sand between my toes.
Getting a picture of all the kids together sometimes presents a challenge. Some are smiling, others are squinting because of the sun, and then there are those whom....well, will just do things their own way no matter what. O'well, this mom will take what she can get!!

We don't have a sand box of our own so being around all this sand and big rocks is really fun for these girls!!
Who knew climbing hills of sand could be so much fun?
Followed by one of moms favorites....walking on the pier.
Can you say R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G?

A very nice bystander offered to take a picture of all of us in it. It's so unusual that all of us get into a picture somewhere. I was quick to jump on that offer!! {Thank you kind lady, you take nice pictures!!}
This past Christmas we were given a family gift certificate to a local museum {thanks Brian}. So we decided on a cool-rainy Saturday that we would take the advantage and spent a whole day visiting two museums. Here is an actual piece of the Berlin wall. This "wowed" the kids. One of the museums had an exhibit of actual soldier uniforms and photos dating from the Civil War to the Afghanistan War. My husband having been in the Military, taught the kids plenty about military uniforms. What a teaching moment and a great opportunity for my husband to share his experiences of the military.
They always enjoy climbing the hills by the museums. It's nice just to let them run.
We've enjoyed our time at the cottage lately. It's a quick not-too-far get away for our family. A time to do....well whatever we do. My husband enjoys drawing and especially sketching things of nature. What's more beautiful than sketching the outdoors especially on the beach? Sunsets, water, the sand!!

While hubby is exploring his creative side, I'm off capturing everything and anything with the camera. Have I ever told you I LOVE taking pictures? On average, whenever we go somewhere I easily take 200-300 pictures....easily!! I love the camera {behind it that is} and you just never know what's going to happen that could be caught on camera. It's the story of our pictures.
The cottage is a place to escape from the day to day routine....
To enjoy whatever....with a little chocolate....
Taking it easy from typical pressures and schedules....
Doing what we love....
Whenever we want to....
Just being ourselvesWe were able to celebrate Father's Day {at the desire of my husband} at the cottage. All of us enjoyed watching him open his bag full of goodies. We love him so!!
Sun and Sand for this little girl, one of her cottage favorites.
Today I was able to pick up an American flag windsock while being in the holiday spirit. Even though the Fourth of July is a few short days away, typically marking the middle of summer, I still look forward to the rest of it. Making memories, taking pictures and hopefully finally getting in a smore or two. I love the summer. Even though it can be a busy time, it's such a wonderful time of memories. Happy Summer!! Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. You have packed a lot of summer in already :) Love all your family pics :)
    xo, misha

  2. Where is your cottage? The area looks familiar to me. I know I'm late commenting, but I missed a lot of blog posts this summer. So here I am now, trying to catch up on some of my faves! :)