Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tis the Summer Season


Summer is busy.

Summer is fun.

Summer goes quickly under the sun.

It's my second most favorite season {Spring being first}.
Busy and fast paced it seems.

Going by quicker than I'd like.

I feel busy.

I feel I'm in a summer maze of sorts.

Planning this and that.

Being invited here and there.

Feeling obligated to attend {dislike}.

The rest of the weekends in this month and already into the next, we have events scheduled {another dislike}.

The week of the fourth my husband had off.

It was refreshing to have him home.

We got a few things accomplished.

One being this little girl finally got on the "potty-training" wagon.

Being our fourth and final child, we wondered if she'd ever catch on.

She has and we're happy to see the end of pull-ups coming!!

The second accomplishment is this little girl going full speed ahead with no training wheels.

She is excited and so are we.

She already had a good wipe-out but survived and learned from it.


Full of memories.
Summer is busy.

Summer is fun.

Summer goes quickly under the sun.

Summer please slow down so I can enjoy you more.


  1. This is my first summer in a while that I haven't scheduled a lot of stuff. I am glad, because we are still busy, but I feel like we're enjoying summer. And it still goes soooo fast!

  2. Wonderful post Amy and so cute to see her ride without training wheels,two big accomplishments for Katie!!