Monday, June 27, 2011

Lemonade Stands

Two of our children are thinking of having a lemonade stand soon. Our street is sort of busy, usually only with cars driving and I'm not too sure people would stop just for a cup of lemonade. Should I encourage my children to have a stand and earn what they can? Or do I share with them it might not be a good idea?

What are your lemonade stands still exist?

Would you stop if you saw one?


  1. Think of all they could learn if you encourage them with their entrepreneurship... even if they don't get one sale! And all the better if they do. I would stop if I saw neighborhood kids selling lemonade. But I am a sucker for a cute face and anything lemon!

  2. Oh yes...they still exist! I think it would be great for them to do a little stand. I also have heard it said(or encouraged) to always stop for a lemonade stand...been guilty of not doing that, but I know how much it means to the kids that are selling.

  3. Yes, good idea! A good day would be when there are yard sales on your block, Grandpa Rich is always a sucker for a lemonade or koolaid stand.