Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Thursday Thoughts

I'm Smelling ~ one of my favorite candle scents in my home Yankee Candle-Cherry Lemonade it's a pleasant spring/summer fragrance, makes me smile.
Sounds around me ~ My children playing well together in the other rooms. Birds chirping outside and listening to Michael Buble' {i think the birds enjoy him too} : )
The weather outside my window ~ a cool 64 degrees overcast and calm, looking like rain to be arriving again soon. We've had a lot of rain lately. Keeps everything so green, I love it as long as I don't have outdoor plans. : )
Something new ~ trying a new salad for lunch. I've gathered different types of berries, slivered almonds and lettuce greens with the intention of topping it off with fresh lime and lemon juices instead of traditional store bought dressings. Topping it with fresh juices I haven't tried before and excited to see how it will taste.
I'm wondering ~ how another new recipe that I found in Woman's Health magazine will taste. It's for Tomato-Corn Salsa, looks really good and loaded with fresh ingredients.
Looking forward to ~ Hmmm, I'm thinking, I'm thinking....I suppose tweaking a few old habits, hoping to see new results.
I'm Dreaming ~ of the day when my husband and I will be able to visit Prince Edward Island.
On the menu tonight ~ since hubby will be out, it's a night for left-overs.
Happy moment of the summer so far ~ putting my feet in the sand a lot already, love that feeling of being on the beach, cool breeze-feet in the sand....ahhhh!
Last movie I watched ~ Nights in Rodanthe-chick flick to be watched as hubby is sleeping : )

What are your Thursday Thoughts??

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  1. I watched that movie on an airplane once and couldn't stay awake through it! We did recently watch Amazing Grace and Gifted Hands which were both AMAZING. Your salad sounds great. How did it come out? Cherry lemonade candles... sounds right up my alley.

    Happy weekend,