Friday, July 29, 2011

Here it is almost August

Summer is going really well, fast but well. It feels like forever since I've been blogging. July has been busier than preferred, crazy to put it well! Every weekend we've had something going on. Everything from birthday parties to cottage fun to ball games to movie outings you name it, always something going on during the weekends it seems. It becomes a little too much for our family to be on the go always. Joe and I had the chance to celebrate our birthdays together though. We were born four days apart in the same year so that's always a fun time for us to celebrate together. Summer has been busy but it's ok though, business keeps us moving along enjoying life.
Tonight has been a very relaxing evening. This week has flown by so fast with so much going on that we decided to stay in, rent some movies and order pizza. It was nice to be home with just our family having no agenda rushing us along. A night like tonight has been over due for our family. I hope you're doing well and enjoying whatever the summer has brought you. I hope to visit some of my favorite blogs soon!
I'm excited to share that my husband has started his blog back up again. He took some much needed time off of it but he's back. I hope you can pay him a visit here:
His brother Brian has been entering posts into his own blog journal as well. You can visit him here:
I hope to stay in touch more. I love to hear from you and to know what you've been up to this summer. Blessings


  1. Wow, you're not kidding! July has been a storm of stuff to do!! I enjoyed the family time and pizza last night; I'm just sorry that I fell asleep on the couch :^(

  2. I so agree... this summer is flying by. I can't believe Winnie is already a month old and that the summer is 2/3rds over. Where does the time go... and why can't it last just a little bit longer?

    And to Joe... I am glad to hear you are blogging again and I always fall asleep on the couch during movies. It is so bad that when we put a movie in, one of the kids usually brings me a pillow and blanket now. ☺



  3. I thought June went fast until I blinked and realized that July is almost over! Each year, the summers seem shorter and shorter.

  4. Amy, thanks for giving a push on your blog.