Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God is Reminding us of His Love

Saturday the Lord sprinkled our lawn with these beauties.

I truly believe He is telling my husband and I that He loves us.

He also loves our four children.
He indeed loves our whole family.

These are God's ways of reminding us of His love. Don't you just love these heart shaped leaves!!?? Only God the Creator can make beautiful leaves like these!


  1. Love notes from God! One for each of us.

  2. God speaks to us in so many ways... often through His creation. I am wondering why kind of tree they came from.

    I wanted to email you, but can not seem to locate your address. I am trying to clean up some long overdue correspondence. You left a comment on my blog sharing about the loss of your children. I so appreciate the way you were willing to open up and tell me about them. I know how hard it is to do. I was wondering if you ever got Lynette's book? I know you would find it a blessing.