Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's in our lives, it's everywhere. Change.

It's all around us.

It's in our lives, it's everywhere.

Seasons change.

People change.

Life circumstances change.

Some changes are quite noticeable, others happen over time. Some changes are easily adaptable, others require more adjustment.


Some changes are anticipated such as the seasons of weather, others happen suddenly having little or even no control in the matter what-so-ever.

Everyone has their own way of adapting to change. For some, change can be a welcomed challenge, for others it's a struggle.
As the seasons are changing and the circumstances in my life do too, as a new school year begins and other challenges knock at my door, I adapt to change.

Autumn is a time of obvious change. Change in scenery, temperature and most likely daily activities. Autumn is a good time to ponder on change, ponder on what it means to us. To reflect on the changes in our lives and to evaluate just how change effects our lives.
How do we all adapt to change....

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  1. Hey You! So glad you've posted! You know, the funny thing about change is that it comes without warning and we can choose to adapt to it. If we choose not to adapt... well, we'll proably find great amounts of disappointment.