Friday, March 2, 2012

We are teaching, through our actions.

Motherhood isn't always easy. It is most rewarding, but often times it's just plain busy. During my devotions this past week, a new {or perhaps refreshed } perspective was brought to my attention....
Everything I do, and everything I don't do, teaches.
I was surprised by that. On a daily basis, I'm typically aware that what I'm doing around the house, what I'm doing during homeschool, during down time, during "Mom-time" is teaching my children....something.
Most interesting was, until this past week, I hadn't been thinking that what I'm not doing also teaches my children.
When I don't get up and start the day off "right"-having my time with God, teaches my kids lack of discipline. When I choose to just have BBQ Baked Lays and some diet soda for lunch, that teaches my children that good nutrition isn't important.
When I choose not to volunteer my time outside the home, that teaches my children the lack of compassion.
When I don't love my Husband the way God calls me to, that teaches my children what submission isn't.
The list could go on and on, and it does. What are we teaching our children by the things we're not doing? They see not only the things we do-everyday, but even more so the things we consciously choose not to do-everyday.
May this be a daily challenge for you and for me, that EVERYTHING we do and don't do-teaches.

Blessings to you!!
♥ Amy

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  1. Hi, Amy.

    This is a point I feel I beat people over the head with. You put it well.

    I wanted to see how you and your gang are doing. It has been a long time since we have heard from you. Are you wrapping up school for the year or will you be continuing through summer?