Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Reasons why I love homeschooling

(in no specific order)
10. We incorporate God's word into our everyday learning.
Particularly there is Scripture incorporated into their everyday text books pointing all sources of knowledge back to God the ultimate Creator. Homeschooling has allowed us to take our time enjoying devotions and prayer time in the morning before each day "begins".
9. We go at our own pace.
If my children need extra time mastering a particular subject, we alter our time to accommodate those needs. The same goes if they are ready to excel, we move forward increasing levels to help challenge them as needed.
8. Learning is FUN and we have a lot of fun!!
Our rooms and ears are constantly filled with laughter.  
7. I am learning so much.
The saying is true that homeschool parents learn all over again. Not only am I learning new things I've never discovered before, I'm also learning so much about our children in ways that would otherwise not be available to me if they were away all day.
6. We get to take our "snow-days" in the summertime.
5. Homeschooling has encouraged my children to be good readers.
They love to read and learn about things because they want to not by being forced to. They often view reading as knowledge seeking - mind escaping fun vs. something being forced upon them. 
4. They get hands-on training at home-life skills.
Homeschool also enables one-on-one learning benefits.
3. Small group vs. large crowded classrooms creating chaotic atmospheres.
Small group learning minimizes distracted learning.
2. Homeschooling isn't an 8-9 hour perimeter educational time - it's all the time, everywhere, everyday.  
1. We get to teach our children our values NOT the world's values.
With the current push towards the Gay/Lesbian agenda, neutral-gender issues and the focus of the lack of God within the educational systems sweeping over our nation, we have the privilege and blessing of educating and basing our family's values on God's standards, not the world's.
Schooling is much more than your basic science, math and reading - it's a crucial (and very limited) time to instill God's standards and God-centered values upon our children. To build their basic foundation according to God's word and to best equip them in their walk with the Lord.       
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  1. I was never able to home school my children. I wish I had been for all the reasons you list within your post.

  2. Thank you Judy, Your comment comes as an encouragement. Thank you for visiting!!

  3. Thank you for know what you believe and sharing it without apology. This post helps me remember why me and my wife decided to make the same decision for our family! It's eerie how similar our reasons are! :)

  4. I agree with every one of these. I love homeschooling. I am so blessed that god chose this path for my life!