Monday, March 9, 2015

One color does not fit all

Last night our two girls (ages 10 & 7) and I got a little creative, a little different and painted our nails.
We were Spring-time inspired thanks to Pinterest.
Whether I do them or not, I'm drawn to off the wall activities like paint our nails any and every color we want.
I'm drawn to people who are creative and tastefully expressive, not allowing what others think hinder their true selves.
My mind instantly remembers a woman in Barnes and Noble this past Saturday wearing a casual black and blue business-like dress with mustard yellow colored pantyhose's.
She stood out.
She stood out and I love the fact that she didn't "stay" within the color scheme of her outfit. She broke away and expressed herself.
What was her message?
Freedom in my mind was her message - freedom - that she is not going to allow society to put perimeters on her way of expressing herself with how she dresses - tastefully. 
Society puts too much pressure on every aspect of our lives. Especially as Moms, society has their idea of what we should wear, how we should behave and what appropriate ways of self expressionism are ideal. 
Honestly, often times I feel boxed in by etiquette regulations that it just makes me want to bust out and say to heck with it and just do it BECAUSE it doesn't make sense.
Often times as wives and mothers we are "expected" to act or conduct ourselves a certain way - who said it has to be so? Already our 10yr old daughter has gone out to church wearing a floral shirt pattern with a different floral skirt pattern and striped socks. Some ladies told me they noticed but who am I to put such perimeters on her attire - my goal is to teach modesty not hover on colors or patterns.
I have these colors on my nails and it reminds me that it is ok to break away from "the norm" and discover new "funs". It also helps generate this way of thinking within our girls - it's ok to express yourself in a creative yet tasteful and modest way.
Try it, don't box yourself into thinking one color is exceptional.
Have fun and be daring - trust me, you'll thank yourself later!!  
As I'm on day #9 of my blog challenge,
 now I challenge YOU to blog everyday for the next 31 days!!
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  1. The 'norm' is highly overrated! Love this post and its message!