Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My hobby became Amy's Beading Boutique

It's nice to have hobbies. One hobby I've taken up is making jewelry. 
Give me a hot cup of coffee, rays of sunshine, classical music and some jewelry beads and I have the perfect recipe for designing jewelry. 
I've been creating arts of jewelry for some time now and really enjoy it. It has occasionally brought in extra income, helped others when their existing jewelry has broken and even provided wedding jewelry - one of a kind.
 Here is my work station although it usually isn't this organized.
I've recently made this bracelet for a friend of mine as a gift and she loved it. Longing for Spring, I tried to capture earth-toned colors.   
Below is a necklace that was quite the unusual request from a friend of mine. She had gone to Hawaii on vacation along with her family. Upon arriving there, she was gifted with a traditional Hawaiian Lei. It was made up of real flowers and these white-ish off colored plastic flower petals (if that's what you call them) shown below. She brought the plastic do-dads back asking if I could turn them into a necklace arrangement for her as a keepsake of her trip. In keeping with the natural tradition of the Lei, I decided to make this long multi-colored necklace to be worn long or doubled. She seemed to happy when I gave it to her, although I have yet to see her wearing it....
Below is another design I've created. It's a mixture of greens and blues - and being a little selfish - I made this one for myself to wear with a special outfit in mind but actually wear it with many outfits as the colors compliment a variety of outfits.   
Below are some other designs of mine along with a few customer repair requests.
Customer earring repair

Customized designed bridesmaid jewelry 
40 inch, 6 strand long necklace - took me longer than other designs but I love how it turned out

Sassy bracelet - it's ok to make a statement with this beauty!!
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  1. Looks great Amy! It's great when we become passionate about our hobbies and they grow into more than a hobby!