Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cat, Coffee and My Dog Tanna Mae

I'm brewing myself some coffee and I've decided to enter another entry on my blog. The kids are wrapping up school, the littlest one is down for her nap, my oldest girl is watching Curious George out front, my husband is working hard at work and my golden is literally laying right behind my computer chair. Life is full and pleasant. I'm sharing this cup of coffee with my blog friend Audrey. She has informed me that she enjoys coffee and she especially likes pink, and anyone who knows me knows I love pink as well, alot! She asked me if I had any pink coffee cups. So Audrey, I'm sharing this one with you especially. I've just added some coffee mate hazelnut creamer to my coffee, that's always a nice treat but I don't have any whip cream so this will have to do, and now I'm ready to type away.

Our family (mostly my husband and I) are trying to make a decision on something. A couple of weeks ago our friends through church brought in their little kittens (yeah I know you must be thinking kittens at church?....yeah, we never turn away anyone, or thing, that comes to church including kittens, no one is exempt from hearing the gospel-can I get an Amen? :) Anyway we've had kittens in the past,...way in the past and one has died and one we had to put down because we thought it had a stroke but come to find out our vet told us it had no skull, she's never seen anything like that in her whole career and neither have we!! So with that said, we've done the cat thing, been there done that.

So our friends have their kittens at church and my husband throws out the idea..." do you want to take home a kitty?" I was floored seeing since he said in the past no more kittens for us. So we mention to our friends that we might be interested in a kitten or two but let us think about it. They agree.

Well the following week, my husband and I agree to get a kitten. A cute little gray and white one, too cute. We wanted a gray and white one because it looked like Rose the cat my mother-in-law has. We both like how Rose looks. (I'll show you a picture of Rose later). Anyhow, we go back to church the following Wednesday for Awana and had the thought that we would be taking home a kitten that night. Our friends come to tell us that they have the cat there for us but it has fleas. Anyone who knows me knows that won't be happening at our home. No fleas for us no thank you especially with my golden retriever. The fleas would have a ball on our golden and poor Tanna would be itching like crazy. The kids were all excited about getting to take home the kitten, but my husband and I both agree that we just can not tolerate fleas no room for discussion. We aren't closed to idea of a new kitten, we just didn't want the baggage.

So the decision we're trying to work through is still get a cat?, if so where?, will it mesh well with my golden? and can we find one with no fleas? We're thinking that with Christmas coming up soon, maybe we can try to get one for the kids then. So friends what are your thoughts, do you think my golden will handle a new kitten well? My golden follows me EVERYWHERE! She loves my attention, she knows she's mine, but what will it be for her if we add a new pet? Oh the decisions in life. I know it will make our kids happy but am I willing to go through with it knowing my house might get torn up with my dog chasing the cat? To get a cat or not to get a cat...that's the decision. Would love your input~

Glad to share my cup of coffee with you. Until next time....

Here's Rose my mother-in-laws cute little cat.


  1. Amy, Thank You so much. It was perfect. How nice of you to post this:) What a beautiful photo. I would love to share it on my blog if you do not mind. What pretty cups... I didn't have your email or would have emailed you.

    Hope you get find the cat you are looking for. I would get a fish instead lol. Thanks again, Have a wonderful night my Friend. Audrey

  2. One of our kitties looks just like your MIL's!
    Her name is Chloe.
    Thanks for coming by, I love to meet new people. Have a blessed day!

  3. Amy,
    When Tanna stayed at the farm for a couple weeks while you were gone she seemed to do really well with the cats. She would probably have no problem adjusting to one.