Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer-ness is here

Summer is here.
Beach bags are packed for the beach.
Summer trips are in the making.
Marshmallows and hot dogs are roasting.
Fire flies are being caught.
Star gazing is the past time.
Summer at last is here.

Sometimes I think in a different realm then others.
Sometimes thoughts just pop in my head.
Last week this idea came to my mind.
When I think of summer, the thought of refreshing summer drinks pop into my mind.
Relaxing in the hammock on a warm breezy day sipping on a favorite ice tea or lemonade.

Aaaa yes! The joys of summer!

I began thinking on what summer drink bests fit my taste.What summer drinks do I find refreshing? Then my imagination got the best of me and made me wonder...If I had to put my personality into a drink, which summer drink would be suit my character?

Would you be the fruity one among others in a crowd?
Are you the delightful one which stands on their own?

Are you one who likes to be with others who hold same point of views as you? As to be alike?

Am you the romantic type that enjoys the company of just their spouse?

Are you the simple type? Enjoying the moment?

Does your personality have zing yet zip to it?

Would your character be best described as sweet yet comforting? If you had to put your character into a summer drink, which drink would best describe you? When you think of this drink, it reminds you, of you....

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  1. Lemonade & Strawberry/Banana Fruit Smoothies! I like your pictures. Did you take them?